The OCM steel is responsible for sales of trailers and semi-trailers, new or used.
With our products is possible to transport machinery crawler, wheeled and fixed base. We sell products of various types that can meet all customer needs, such as semi-trailers, available in various versions and / or specifications: for Relief road for the transport vehicle, type, Fixed Extendable, low profile, ultra low profile.
The company has always paid much attention to the transport sector and industry, we have an high experience gained in strategic activities and not to the transport market, such as:
• Mechanical assistance, specialized for changes / repairs of trucks;
• Breakdown assistance, both light and heavy;
• Industrial body, construction of both light and heavy vehicles;
• Research, Design of new models of semi-platforms and Manufacturer (Semi breakdown);
• Carpentry metalworking, machining;
• Finally, Management copper smelter.